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Email Marketing Statistics

Today marketing executives are stressing on the significance of contemporary marketing channels such as chatbots and social media. However, these communication channels shouldn’t divert you from the oldest and most proficient marketing avenue – email.

Email marketing is basically using email services to promote products. It’s ideal for businesses because of its massive ROI. For instance, MailChimp is a popular email marketing platform that you can deploy. You can use it to cultivate relations with your existing clients. You can use it to form relationships with potential subscribers as well.

Email marketing enables companies to keep their subscribers in the know, and it also lets them customize the emails accordingly. Think of email marketing as the most cost-effective form of digital marketing available today.

Email marketing is potent, assuring, and has good yields. But are you still hesitant about the benefits of email marketing? This article has cultivated a rundown of email marketing statistics to illustrate just how potent this marketing channel can be.

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Some of The Most Credible Email Marketing Statistics Include:

Email Marketing Has a Good ROI

It comes as no surprise that email marketing has a massive return on investment (ROI) because of the widespread use of email. Therefore, a carefully prepared email strategy is bound to make you a lot of money.

Picture this for every one dollar you spend on marketing, and the average return is at least 40 dollars. That’s a higher yield than you can get from any other marketing channel. So while there are many other rewards of email marketing, ROI is the aspect that will keep you in business.

Email Services Are Used Globally

Email has forged its course from being modest texts amongst academics to a worldwide academic. In 2020, worldwide email users were projected to be about 3.9 billion. This number is set to advance to almost 4.3 billion operators by 2023.

This is more than half the world’s population. This statistic alone should clearly illustrate the niche within email marketing that a lot of companies are missing out on.

If your business is situated in a developing country, most of your clients will be using email; therefore, you should be as well. It doesn’t matter the size of your business; email marketing will give you the power to access clients 24/7, 365 days a year.

Email Marketing Helps SMBs to Advance Their Trade

Email remains the primary catalyst of client acquisition and retention for SMBs (Small and medium-sized businesses). Studies show that 80% of SMBs rely on email marketing as the primary component for client acquisition and retention.

There might be plenty of talk about the impact of social media, but that doesn’t degrade the importance of email marketing. After all, most of these platforms require email addresses when setting up accounts. Email marketing is thus better than social media, paid, and organic search when it comes to client retention and acquisition.

Welcome Mails Have a Very Robust Open Rate 

Open rates are among the best ways to indicate how well your email marketing plan is doing. This basically tells you the number of individuals who are opening your mails. After all, which company doesn’t want their marketing plan to work miracles?

However, what proportion of your subscribers even open the emails you send to them? Let’s get into the statistics. The mean open rate for welcome mails is at least 80% across the board. You can use this to your benefit when creating a promotion for your growing list of subscribers.

With such a massive open rate of welcome mails, you could attach some vital information that you would like your subscribers to know about your company in the email you send them.

Personalizing Emails Works Wonders for your Business

As the stat mentioned above indicates, the typical email open rate is at least 80%. However, if you personalize emails, you’ll begin to see the unbelievable effect that personalization can have. Studies show personalized emails generate up to 50% more open rates.

Thus, a great marketing tip would be: your business should personalize greetings and the subject line to include names and titles prior to sending out an email. If that’s a stretch for your business, you can try personalizing the email with a topic of interest, industry or business name.

Final Thought

To sum it all up, the email marketing statistics illustrated above prove just how essential email services are to businesses regardless of size. Thus whether you want to increase the number of clients or cultivate a stronger relationship with existing ones, email marketing is the way to go.

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