New Development Courses Available from Total Training!

New Development Courses Available

Total Training is happy to announce these new course additions to our training library! Focused on programming and development, these courses range from beginner to advanced level topics and are sure to provide you with the added insight and knowledge you need to get a leg up in this competitive industry. Read on to find out more about each course…

MacOS Development Comprehensive Crash Course
Learn how to build real-world apps using Swift, Xcode, and many more essential tools and techniques. If you’re ready to build apps and get them into the App Store, then this is the course for you! Length: 16 hrs 37 min.
React & Flux Web Development for Beginners
Learn how to combine the power of React with the Flux application architecture! Length: 10 hours 42 minutes
Firebase Firestore for iOS
Learn to code by building real world, professional, amazing looking iOS apps from start to finish. Length: 6 hours
Firebase Firestore for Android
learn to code by building real world, professional, amazing looking Android apps from start to finish. Length: 5.5 hours
Machine Learning for Apps
Dive into the core concepts of machine learning, and start building apps that can think! Length: 6 hours 33 minutes
Angular 7 Getting Started
Remain on the cutting edge of coding with Angular 7 & get introduced to core concepts such as components, routing, services, modules, and more. Length: 3.5 hrs

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All of these new courses are available for individual purchase, as part of our All-Access Library, or as part of our Coding bundle Library.

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