3 Lucrative Careers You Can Learn Online

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3 Lucrative Careers You Can Learn Online, by Jori Hamilton

As our digital landscape has developed, aspects of how we live have been altered right alongside it. The way we approach work, for instance, has shifted significantly. We have artificial intelligence (AI) tools that can help optimize tasks for efficiency and the connectivity of the internet opens global marketplaces. But one of the most valuable aspects that the online environment has offered is equal access to quality education.

It is now no longer entirely necessary to attend a traditional university in person to gain qualifications that can get you on the path to a lucrative career. Whether your ambitions require you to complete a full degree course or to upskill in coding, there are options available to you. Even large corporations are increasingly open to accepting elearning certifications as proof of your technical skillset.   

So, as the world of education is more open to you than almost any other point in history, what vocational paths could you consider pursuing? We’re going to take a look at three career areas that you can practically learn online and get started on an enriching path.


While in-person university courses are covering a range of information technology (IT) and computer science subjects, they’re not strictly necessary for a career. Many of the skills that you need to build in these fields can be learned from home and in your own time. This is great if you’re considering a role in cybersecurity, which is particularly lucrative. Many security engineering and management positions have an average salary of $120,000 and up. Not to mention that this is likely to continue being an in-demand profession for the foreseeable future of our digitally dependent world.

You can undertake full cybersecurity degree courses online. However, whether you’re intending to be an independent contractor or an employee on a security team, you’ll find that you can gain the skills you need through professional certifications. These are usually focused on areas of security specialty. An ethical hacking certificate can help you develop key skills in understanding the tactics that “black hat” hackers use against systems — malware, social engineering, firewall breaching — and in turn utilizing these methods to keep systems safe.

Like obtaining a degree, some security certifications are more instantly recognized by large corporations than others — particularly those provided by Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) or Cisco. But it is often just as important to get early experience in the field. Many are starting their careers by exploring different types of penetration testing in their spare time. This is where independent hackers are invited by companies through services like HackerOne to test their systems and report any vulnerabilities, earning bug bounties along the way.     

Medical Administration

Careers are often lucrative because they require dedication and expertise. Medical administration is one such area, seeing an average base salary before bonuses of around $70,000. There is a significant amount of responsibility involved, and the ability to keep records organized and correct does more than make the work of doctors and insurance companies simpler. It can affect the quality of patients’ lives and provide them with clarity. The good news is, that qualifications in this area can be achieved purely online. 

Billing and coding are two of the more complex areas of medical administration, as they require a certain amount of understanding of human physiology and disease classification. Online undergraduate certificates in this area usually last between 6-12 months, and cover everything from the fine points of health insurance processes, to the medical terminology that ensures you can correctly identify procedures and treatments patients have undergone. The elearning space has also developed to the point that online courses in this area give you the chance to get practical experience by handling virtual files.

It’s also helpful to understand that medical administration requires a varied skill set, depending on the environment and capacity you’re operating in. Those who are managing small general practices or clinics may need to attend to day-to-day elements such as billing, while those who manage hospitals will need to liaise with pharmaceutical representatives and partners. Therefore, you need to take relevant courses. An administrator of a large practice that hinges on partner relationships can benefit from a business-to-business (b2b) development program. If you are targeting community services, it may be worth considering an online Master’s degree in public health, which more universities are starting to offer.  

Freelance Consultancy

If you value independence as part of your career, one of the more lucrative routes to follow is freelance consultancy services. This is where you are providing services to businesses on the subject of your expertise on a limited basis. This might involve working on individual projects, or you might find yourself retained on a medium to long-term basis. There are various fields you can target, from diversity training to website development. The salary you can earn largely depends on the demand in your field and your level of expertise, but consultants who specialize in providing advice on business’ environmental practices can average around $67,000.

Some of the skills that you can learn online may directly build your expertise — coding courses are available online, and you can certainly get online degrees in human resources (HR) if you’re consulting in employee training and development. However, some of the most valuable online studying tackles actually running a freelance business consultancy enterprise. This will help you with the practical elements of setting up your solo operation, performing outreach with clients, and pitching yourself so that companies are willing to pay you for your intangible but valuable insights.   

One of the best aspects of freelance consultancy is the potential for international travel. It is a career that you can pursue wherever in the world you want to live. Utilizing online training also means that you can keep upskilling while you’re traveling. This is a positive for when you’re trying to land jobs with new clients in foreign countries. You can take language courses that not only help you effectively communicate, but also give you insights into the local customs. It can also be vital to pursue courses on how each new international sector you’re targeting approaches marketing so that you can pitch your services most appropriately for the locality.


Our digitally enhanced world means that you can gain a quality education online that is also recognized by employers in lucrative fields. Whether you are pursuing cybersecurity or medical administration, you can gain the technical skills that can make you a valuable contributor in these fields. However, it’s always worth considering that elearning is a route to consultancy skills, which can be a truly independent path that supports the international experience you might crave.

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