Four Surprising Benefits of E-Learning

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Four Surprising Benefits of E-Learning, provided by Drew Allen

Have you been following the e-learning revolution? That’s not an over-statement because the entire educational establishment has been affected by it. Even some of the oldest institutions of higher education in the world have finally given in to the irresistible force of this brand-new way of transmitting knowledge from one person to another.

Why is the movement here to stay, and why do millions of people take part in it every day? The short answer to that question is because it works. And, like all systems that deliver sound, fast results, this fresh style of education will only continue to win converts in homes and offices all over the world.

Here are four of the more subtle benefits of e-learning.

1. It’s Family-Friendly

E-classes work for anyone, including at-home parents who need to keep an eye on children while working through a lesson, people who can’t travel to a physical campus several times per week, busy professionals who can only afford to study for a few hours here and there, and even degree candidates who live far away from a school’s main campus. There are plenty of reasons and things to consider for parents especially, before opting in for e-learning, but the fact that it’s family-friendly is the most important benefit for many.

2. Degrees Don’t Cost a Fortune

Have you compared the price of in-person and online degrees lately? The cost difference is stark, with the price tag of online study typically one-fourth of the traditional method. Getting your degree and paying for it are the two most challenging tasks facing students of all ages and backgrounds. But, even if you get an e-degree from the comfort of your home or office, you’ll still need to pay for tuition and fees. Unless you have cash on hand to cover all the expenses, the smartest way to deal with the financial challenge is to finance your degree with a student loan from a private lender. Not only do you get the luxury of shopping for the best rates, but private loans can cover the entire cost of an education.

3. Motivation Is Higher

When people take self-paced courses, don’t have to worry about rushing through classes or meeting a study deadline for an upcoming examination, they tend to be more motivated to do well. Additionally, there’s no social pressure from classmates when you study alone while taking a self-paced curriculum. You decide when, where, and how to focus on the material in the ways that are most productive for your style of learning. This can also help post-graduation as well. If you are looking for a way to jumpstart your online sales business, then having gone through the e-learning process during your learning years means that you will have one less thing to adjust to, technology speaking.

4. It’s Time-Efficient

Time efficiency is not something you can see with your eyes, but it’s perhaps one of the main selling points of electronic educational methods. For students, self-paced classes offer the ultimate in efficiency because they allow the learner to study at the most advantageous times. In the old days, you couldn’t listen, or re-listen, to a lecture in five-minute increments. Now, you can squeeze in any amount of study, review, or self-testing, whether you have two minutes or two hours to spare. The time efficiency factor is what attracts so many colleges and mid-career students to computer-based courses and classes of all kinds.

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