Visual Effects Training – Available Now!

Total Training is excited to announce the release of four new courses focused on visual effects, 3D, and animation. Take your design skills to the next level as you learn professional-level techniques using Adobe After Effects and Maxon Cinema 4D from a certified instructor.

New Courses Now Available!

Sample Video:

Cinema 4D Masterclass


What Will I Learn in After Effects?

  • learn all the tips and tricks that the professional designers use to create eye-catching motion graphics
  • master keyframes and become an expert with the graph editor
  • create 3D compositions
  • learn how to speed up your workflow, fix shaky footage, and create effects and text animation.
  • create our own custom presets and animations
  • learn how motion tracking works

What Will I Learn in Cinema 4D?

  • Learn all the fundamental skills required to start creating 3D projects on your own
  • Explore modeling, lighting, texturing, animating and rendering.
  • Learn industry best practices
  • Understand core concepts of lighting
  • Use Global illumination and ambient occlusion
  • Understanding volumetric lights, reflections, caustics and more
  • Render settings to optimize scenes
  • Create amazingly realistic interactions between 3D objects
  • Learn when and why you should use Dynamics
  • Use rigid bodies, colliders, gravity, bounce, friction, velocity, triggers, hinges, forces and much more.

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