Remote Employee Training for a Career in Data Science

Remote Employee Training for a Career in Data Science

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Remote Employee Training for a Career in Data Science, by Jori Hamilton

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a massive and important shift towards data-driven, virtual business processes. As a result, workplaces are increasingly exploring the potential of both data science and remote work for their employees.

These features can bring a host of benefits to businesses across industries, but navigating an online data science education requires proper preparation. Remote learning during a crisis like COVID-19 takes a thorough assessment of the benefits, your options, and how to best secure a lucrative career.

Whether you’re seeking such an education for yourself or your employees, data science expertise has plenty to offer virtually any business. Here’s what you need to know about remote employee training for a career in data science.

The Value of a Data Science Career

Despite the economic slowdown brought about by the pandemic, data science remains one of the top fields for growth and job security. At around 6,500 job postings per year, data science is driving the global IT market as businesses adopt the tools, software, and employees needed to maintain a competitive edge in a data-driven, global market. With an average salary of $111,200, data science professionals can bring substantial value to companies while elevating their own potential.

The benefits of an on-staff data scientist — whether working in-office or remotely — range from marketing improvements to greater employee success. Data science gives your company the tools to analyze metrics like customer behaviors, click rates for your webpages, workflow efficiency, risk factors, and much more. The applications of these tools mean increased productivity, better-targeted marketing practices, and happier employees.

In fact, data science is powerful enough that in the US healthcare sector alone, its application is likely to save an estimated $300-$450 billion in costs. Recognize the value of this tool in your own business and how remote employee training can drive data solutions.

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How Remote Training Helps

When exploring methods for integrating data science and training programs into your workforce or your own career path, remote learning may be your best option. That’s because remote learning offers the most flexibility and convenience for your and your employees.

All kinds of data science programs are out there, with over 30 universities offering a fully online Master’s program in data analytics. Additionally, a wide variety of introductory online courses can be completed at your leisure, making them excellent for getting employees started down a data science career.

The programs you choose will depend on a variety of features. For example, you want to find training that can offer real-world experience or help you apply data science to your existing career. At the same time, your work and family schedule will dictate what programs are available to you. Fortunately, remote training is often much more flexible than in-person alternatives, allowing for microlearning modules that you can complete on your own time.

These programs can also be highly beneficial in preparing for a remote work position. Because of the nature of online learning platforms, you will develop skills in coordinating projects remotely, communicating across common remote-work software, and managing teams when physical proximity is not an option. Undergoing online training can even help you land your dream remote data science job because of all the practice you’ll have operating virtually. Start learning in the position you currently occupy and learn how data science can benefit nearly any role.

For example, every aspect of the software development process can be optimized for ideal results with the help of data. Analyzing metrics and market trends can help you visualize the best team structures, workflow processes, and even programming languages for the project you’re working on. Mining and studying data points around software testing, for instance, shows where features like automation might save time and improve efficiency.

Remote employee training for a data science career enables workers to secure value. But maximizing the potential of your data science path requires a more dedicated approach.

Securing a Valuable Career Remotely

With the right application of helpful tips and strategies, you can make the most of a remote data science training program. Whether you’re investing in an advanced data science degree or are simply exposing yourself to the field to see where you can better apply data in your business, the right practices will help take you further down your career path.

Here are a few tips and tools you can apply to better secure your remote data science career:

1) Find the best program for your or your team. From massive online open courses (MOOCs) to university courses, the right remote training is out there.

2) Secure a working schedule. Adding a learning program to your life may take rearranging your time to secure your ability to study.

3) Look for ways you can apply your learning to your work. Applying data science in the job you already have can be a great way to grow your potential for new opportunities through experience.

4) Create a productive work-from-home space. Studying and working remotely can lead to all kinds of distractions, so organize your workspace to help you stay focused.

5) Seek out tips from expert data scientists. Networking with social media or your professional organization can lead to invaluable — and even virtual — mentorship opportunities.

With these strategies, you can better approach remote employee training for a career in data science. The experience and education you’ll gain can set you on the path for a lucrative career while working with all the other obligations of your busy, working life. From there, you can apply your education to advancements in business efficiency.

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Bottom Line

The new normal means remote working is more common than ever before. Take advantage of these opportunities to flexibly provide education in data science to yourself or your employees. Online training gives you the ability to work learning around any schedule while you develop the skills you need to advance your career. As a result, you can bring efficiency and revenue growth to any business.

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