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Doing the Hiring? We’ve Got Courses for You Too! Check out these new Productivity courses, just released from Total Training. Whether you’re the interviewee or the interviewer, we’ve got you covered!

New Courses Available Now!

Talent Management - Onboarding for High Employee Engagement online course image
Learn to accelerate, engage, motivate & retain your new hires in the first 90 days. Create an effective onboarding journey by following these steps.
Avoid the Biggest Mistakes in Talent Acquisition and Recruitment online course image
Learn how to avoid the top 15 biggest mistakes in hiring, interviewing, and recruitment. Increase your chances of finding the right hire with this course!
Job Search Proven Ways to Get More Interviews course image
Learn to write a winning resumé, cover letter, or LinkedIn® profile. Build your network & attract potential employers with proven methods!

More Job Skills Courses You Might Like

Job Search Skills online course image
Arm yourself with essential requisite skills to increase your hire-ability instantly! Learn how to stay connected throughout the entire decision making process.
Increasing Work Productivity Course image
 Learn to secrets to working smarter in order to grow your success and generate higher profits. Achieve more because of this new level of efficiency!
Freelancing Career Guide for Designers & Developers course image
Learn to build a Freelance career, where you work less and earn more. Build life-long relationships with your clients and charge more to your Freelance clients.

About the Job Search Process:

Are you struggling with interview calls? Are you frustrated because no one called you? Do you want to get more job interviews? If any of your answers are “yes”, then Total Training’s online courses can help!

These resources will facilitate you with getting the most from your job search process and help you to get more job interviews! Do your preparation work well, and you will reap your results!

Whether you’re a student looking for an internship position or you’re a seasoned executive looking to switch companies, job search skills are instrumental in everyone’s career journey.

Poise, communication skills, and technology are vital attributes you need to have to nail your dream job and start moving your career forward.

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About Onboarding:

Getting new hires successfully on board is stressful.  After spending a huge amount of time, effort and money on a long recruitment process, you hope they can be productive as quickly as possible and become a part of the team.  However, the reality isn’t always that smooth and happened as you want. In fact, various researches show that 30% to 52% of the new staff will quit within the first 90 days.  This high percentage is pretty alarming.  If they are poor fit, ok, you may let them go but what if they are your bright new talents?

The most effective solution to achieve better retention of your new hires is “Effective Onboarding”. It helps to accelerate, engage, motivate and retain your new hires as well as assimilate them into your Company’s culture quickly without being scared.  It gives them a positive impression and creates a welcome feeling which confirms their decision to work for you and the Company.   If the onboarding is done well, they will feel comfortable, engaged, prepared, satisfied, supported and connected.   In return, all these will boost their productivity, facilitating them to make a positive impact quickly and contribute both immediately and over time.

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