Learn from Home with Total Training

Learn from Home with Total Training

Learn from home with Total Training! With hundreds of online courses to choose from, plus flexible subscription options, Total Training makes home learning easy, affordable, and fun!

Total Training has been teaching people for more than 20 years. We have trained millions to use their software to it’s fullest potential by creating fun and engaging tutorials that are taught by industry experts. We’ve also added courses on coding, web development, sales, marketing, cyber security, soft skills, and much more – offering a complete and TOTAL training experience!

Our goal is to help you make most of your career, take your skills to the next level, and remain fresh and relevant in your industry. Become a Total Training subscriber and get unlimited access to all of our training courses, plus work-along project files, starting at one low monthly cost for full access.

Why Total Training?

  • New titles are automatically added to your All-Access Library as they are released.
  • Master a new technique, learn some amazing tips and tricks, or learn a new program entirely
  • Learn at your own pace, from top-rated, professional instructors who are leaders in their fields
  • Work-along project files included with most courses
  • Stream lessons online or download for offline viewing
  • Learn from home, the office, or wherever you go!
  • Get friendly, knowledgeable customer support 24/7
  • Find courses on popular topics such as: graphic design, web development, coding, office productivity, cyber security, career guidance, sales, marketing, and more!

Featured Courses from Total Training

Sample Lesson from our latest QuickBooks Pro 2020 online course:

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