Instructor Spotlight! Get to Know Vicky Fung

Instructor Spotlight! Get to Know Vicky Fung

Total Training is excited to welcome our newest course instructor, Vicky Fung. Vicky’s courses focus on recruitment, acquisitions, job skills, and management. Read on to find our more about Vicky and her online courses!

Question 1: What is Vicky’s professional background?

Answer: Vicky Fung is a senior finance executive with 20 years of work experience. She has worked in many large companies with operations over the world. She has over 10 years of recruitment experience. Meanwhile, she is also a job seeker and has gone through the frustrating experience of job hunting. Vicky’s unique position and experience translates into her online courses, which will help both interviewers and interviewees alike!

Question 2: For what type of jobs is Vicky experienced in hiring?

Answer: Vicky has hired staff for finance departments, compliance, IT, internal controls, and operations – for job rolls ranging from junior to management level.

Question 3: What does Vicky do in her spare time?

Answer: Vicky enjoys doing volunteer work in the field of Education. She has served as treasurer for a School Management Committee for nearly a decade, and is involved with the hiring and interviewing process for principals, teachers, and staff.

Question 4: Does Vicky like to travel?

Answer: Yes! Vicky has traveled to over 50 countries, including extensive work-related travel in the USA, UK, China, and South East Asian countries. A highlight of her travels was being a guest speaker for 3 radio programs in Hong Kong. Her experience has even lead her to author a travel-related book.

Question 5: Where can I find Vicky’s online courses?

Answer: Right here! Click the images below to learn more about each course!

Job Search - Proven Ways to Get More Interviews online course image
Avoid the Biggest Mistakes in Talent Acquisition & Recruitment course image
Talent Management - Onboarding for High Employee Engagement course image

Question 6: What impact does Vicky’s passion for teaching have on those seeking to learn critical job skills?

Answer: During the month of May, we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage. This is an important time to recognize the many contributions and influences of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States. Vicky’s professional success is a result of her desire to continue learning and improving upon her technical, managerial, and soft skills. Her own culture, as well as the many cultures she has experienced during her world travels, influences her course teachings. She has identified the importance of sharing her knowledge, expertise, and experience with potential students all over the world. Her hope is to make a positive impact on students so that they can obtain similar professional success.

Question 7: Where can I learn more about Asian American Pacific Islander(AAPI) Heritage Month?

Answer: Check out these helpful resources to learn more and start your own conversation. These links will take you to resources independent of Total Training.

U.S. Department of Education


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