10 Best Microsoft Office Courses You Must Try

The Microsoft Office Suite has been running for over three decades now, and it’s amazing to see how strong it still stands from its initial release in the late 90s.

The numerous updates and new features have made it a convenient application for individuals and corporates. But as new developments keep emerging, it’s essential to keep up with the latest trends. If you compare the Office applications before and now, you’ll see a significant change that can even inspire you to learn it.

And what’s a better way to do this than with a course from experienced professionals. Even when there are videos and instructional articles scattered online, it’s hard to compare the lessons you can learn from experts who spent time developing the courses for you.

Here are the 10 best Microsoft Office courses you must try for the best skill sets.

1. Microsoft Office 2019 — Essentials Training Bundle by Total Training

Tackle every challenge in Microsoft Office 2019 using the Total Training course. The course is designed for individuals and businesses of all levels. It offers step-by-step lessons on Microsoft programs including:

  • Project (Beginners and advanced)
  • Word (Complete)
  • Excel (Beginners to expert)
  • PowerPoint (Complete)
  • Access (Beginners and advanced)
  • Teams (Complete)
  • Outlook (Complete)

The bundle consists of 11 video courses that vary from beginner to expert levels. It’s easy to search Total Training for the individual courses that are included in the bundle and buy them separately. But looking at the value of the bundle, you’ll surely save a lot instead of buying the courses individually.

Learn more about this bundle training course here.

2. Microsoft 365 Essential Training by LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is home to many courses including the Microsoft 365 Essential Training for Administrators.

This is an intermediate-level training that focuses on configuration, deployment methods, security, assigning licenses, and regulatory compliance. The course is free when you sign up for LinkedIn’s free trial.

You will have access to 9 main courses that consist of short videos. The courses include:

  • Microsoft 365 Services
  • Configuring Microsoft 365
  • Managing Users and Identities
  • Device Management
  • Managing Microsoft 365
  • Security and Data Protection
  • Threat Protection
  • Compliance and Reporting
  • Supporting Microsoft 365

The longest video doesn’t exceed 6 minutes so this is perfect for busy employees and executives who want to learn despite their packed schedules.

Here’s more information about this course.

3. Microsoft Office Time-saving Techniques by Udemy

Learn how to simplify and automate your Microsoft application using this course. This is a beginner-level course that runs for approximately two and a half hours.

Once you get this course, you have lifetime access. This means that you can always learn at your own pace and time. These beginner lessons can benefit students to make them ready for the corporate world.

The course has 11 lectures under these lessons apart from the introduction:

  • Excel (How to use pivot tables and macros)
  • Word (How to format with styles and create a table of contents)
  • PowerPoint (How to use the master slide and custom show)
  • Outlook (How to use categories and quick steps)

This course was created by Kyle Pew who’s a Microsoft Certified Trainer. You’d also get a certificate of completion for this course.

Find more information to know if this course is for you.

4. Microsoft Excel 2019 Beginner and Advanced Courses by Total Training

This is an in-depth course that’s specific to the Excel application. The practical aspects of the course cover real-life experiences. These courses are perfect for people who want to focus on improving specific skills in Excel 2019.

The beginner course covers topics from how to create worksheets to learning useful shortcuts. The advanced course covers how to use functions and formulas to how the Excel web app works. And even if you’re an advanced Excel user, you’ll find that the beginner course will help you freshen up your memory.

These courses are also included in the Total Training Microsoft Office 2019 Essentials Training Bundle. If you know someone who needs to improve on their Excel skills, there is the option to gift these courses as well.

You can find out more about the beginner course and the advanced course to know which Excel course is best for you.

5. Microsoft Office: First Steps by LinkedIn Learning

This course dwells on the basics of Microsoft Office. It is relevant for people who have zero to no knowledge about the tools in the Office suite.

This course doesn’t have any in-depth lessons. Instead, it has short, straightforward lessons to help anyone start using Microsoft Office tools instantly. It explains how to use the web-based and office app Office tools when they’re needed.

Microsoft Office: First Steps is labeled as a course for an intermediate learner, so it means this may require fast-paced comprehension as the lessons only last for a few minutes each.

To know more about the course, you can find and get it here.

6. Microsoft Office Essential Skills by Udemy

This is a beginner and refresher course. It’s one of the Microsoft Office courses that cover lessons on the different tools. The course grants you certification once you are done acquiring your new skills. 

People can learn essentials skills for:

  • Word
  • Outlook
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint

The entire course only lasts for three and a half hours. This is enough time to learn the needed skills to operate these tools. It’s also possible to download the resources for offline learning.

Learn more about this course here.

7. Microsoft Office Suite by GoSkill

This course by GoSkill is a bundle that covers many Office suite tools. This is recommended for Fortune 500 company employees. Here are the 9 Office tools that this bundle consists of:

  • Excel (Basic and advanced)
  • Word (Basic and advanced)
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Access (Basic)
  • Project Fundamentals
  • Publisher
  • Teams Training

Buying the bundle gives access to different quizzes and tests. It also provides certification for each of the courses finished by the trainee. The courses in the bundle are from different trainers which can both be good and bad. Good that you’ll experience learning from different people. Bad as you may not find the teaching style of some of the trainers effective for you.

Here’s more information about this bundle.

8. Microsoft Office for Mac by CreativeLive

This Microsoft Office training course, as states in its name, covers lessons on using the suite on a Mac device. Unlike the bundle courses, this course consists of continuous lesson segments.

As Microsoft Office is mainly made for PCs, there are some differences in using it on a Mac device. This training will make learning Office software easier for Mac users to learn.

The course covers these Office tools:

  • Using Word for desktop publishing
  • Using OneNote on Mac
  • Outlook
  • Excel
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for iPad

The segments have specific lessons for each suite tool. Overall, the learner can access 33 video lessons that are 15 hours long in total. It also has some bonus content.

Find more information about this Microsoft Office training for Mac here.

9. Microsoft Word 2019 — Complete Training by Total Training

For people who want to improve their productivity in using Word, the Microsoft Word 2019 Complete Training is a great course to take. This online course covers beginner to advanced lessons.

It’s grouped into 17 sections including the introduction and conclusion of the course. There’s no need to search for different lessons to learn the basic functions and advanced techniques on using Word 2019.

Everything is included in this online course as it offers real-life skills for businesses, students, and freelancers. It also has some practice exercises that will help in assessing the learner’s improvement. With a total length of 7 hours and 37 minutes, this course is sure to cover everything you need to improve your productivity and efficiency in using Word 2019.

Know more about this extensive Microsoft Words 2019 course here.

10. Microsoft Office 365 Administration by LinkedIn Learning

This Microsoft Office training course is far from the others on the list. This course focuses on teaching effective user management and the proper use of Office 365 email services. It also covers management lessons using Skype and SharePoint for business use.

The instructor of this training course is David Elfassy who specializes in Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange. This is basically a training course for business employees and executives who want to leverage Microsoft 365 in their organizations.

This may not be training that’s fitting for beginners. Instead, people who’re already familiar with Office 365 from advanced to expert levels can benefit more from this course.

Find information about this advanced course here.

Final Thoughts

There are different courses available online for Microsoft Office. This application has come a long way from handling basic documents in the past years. It has now grown into something bigger that makes different tasks easier.

But since there are so many features that the applications offer now, it’s necessary to learn how to use them. There are so many tricks, techniques, and shortcuts using these tools. Some help from experts can make learning faster than trying to do it alone.

Here are the 10 best Microsoft Office courses. Choose one that fits your needs, budget, and level. But remember that learning won’t stop at these courses. Microsoft Office will continue to update in the coming years, so it’s best to be ready for the changes that may come.



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