New Product Coming Soon! ‘App Design with Adobe XD’

Total Training is excited to announce the upcoming release of our latest training course, App Design with Adobe XD, presented by Adobe Certified Expert, Martin Perhiniak.

With over 2 hours of high-quality content, you’ll learn to go from idea to prototype faster than ever before. Learn all the features of Adobe’s new dedicated tool for UX design – Adobe® XD (Experience Design CC) – and build your own interactive mobile apps and website prototypes with ease.

In App Design with Adobe XD, learn how to integrate Adobe XD into your design workflow, and combine it with Adobe Photoshop® CC and Adobe Illustrator CC. Follow along with the training videos and practice with the included project files and useful UX design resources.

Five Lessons Learned in this Course:

  1. Adobe XD is a recent addition to the ever growing tools in Creative Cloud. It is crafted as a modern design tool, built from the ground up for one specific task: User Experience Design. Mobile web usage overtaking desktop for first time in 2016 shows that designing for mobile devices is more relevant than ever before. Creative professionals are urged by employers and recruiters to have skills for UX even if that is not their main task.
  2. You always start your projects in Design mode where you establish the elements of your screens. Once the Artboards are ready you switch to Prototype mode and you add all the interactions you want to demonstrate.
  3. Make sure you use similar colors and unified icons for the same kind of interactive details so your users will always find it easy to navigate through your app.
  4. You can present your app prototypes in many different ways using Adobe XD. You can record a video of you navigating through the screens, you can also export individual Artboards as images or as a PDF and you can also upload the working prototype to the web and let your customers try it out on their desktop computers or on their mobile devices.
  5. The Repeat Grid feature is a unique and innovative feature that allows you to quickly duplicate elements or groups of objects and alter each instance individually without losing the unified attributes of the grid.

Get this course!

  • This course will be available as a single title purchase or as part of the Total Training All-Access Library.
  • If you are a current All-Access subscriber, the course will be automatically added to your Library!

About the Presenter:

martin perhiniak headshotMartin is a Certified Adobe Design Master and Instructor. He has worked as a designer with companies like Disney, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, Sony Pictures, Mattel, and DC Comics. He is currently working in London as a designer and instructor as well as providing a range of services from live online training to consultancy work to individuals worldwide. Martin’s Motto: “Do not compare yourself to your role models. Work hard and wait for the moment when others will compare them to you.”

Get the Software Used in the Training:

30-day free trial versions can be downloaded from Adobe’s Creative Cloud website. For those who are already CC users, you just need to install Adobe XD, Illustrator & Photoshop from the CC desktop manager. To purchase the software as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, visit:


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  1. Sharon Smith November 12, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    Amazing course!
    Love a lot. :)
    Nowadays, the ability to design apps – or at least the UI – is a prerequisite for pretty much any designer.

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