7 Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Online Learning

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7 Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Online Learning by Ashley Halsey

Online learning is a flexible and convenient choice for continuing studies and developing new knowledge and skills. Yet, in order to get the most of your online course, you need to develop time management skills, be motivated, organized and have a lot of self-discipline. Make the most of your online learning opportunity, with these top 7 online study tips. 

1. Reliable Internet Access

One of the most essential aspects of online learning is the need for good, reliable internet access. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection. Equally important is to try to download and save your online course materials, so you can access them offline too. Make sure you also save your tutor’s contact information (such as their email address and cell phone) so that if you encounter any problems you are still able to reach them.

2. Save Your Work

Make sure that you regularly save your work and back it up, either somewhere on your computer, an external hard-drive or on a cloud storage system, where you can easily access it whenever you need to. It can also be a good idea to email yourself drafts of your essays or assignments as you go, so you always have a back-up copy. Cloud storage can be a particularly useful option if you are looking to be able to access your work via a smart phone or a tablet as well.

3. Get Your Tech Organized

Check what the requirements for your course are at the earliest possible opportunity. If your course requires you to have access to any software or apps that you don’t currently have, then make sure you download and install them ahead of time. Similarly, if you need to create a new account to access certain service, be sure to do so as soon as possible. For example, if you need to access video-conferencing software, download it before the event and ensure that you test it to avoid any issues on the day.

4. Create a Dedicated Study Space

Create a designated study space so that you are able to concentrate and minimize distractions when you are studying. You should ensure that it’s quiet, organized, comfortable and available for you to use whenever you need it. A designated study space will help you to mentally prepare for your study time and it can be helpful to get into the habit of turning off social media and switching your phone to silent to enable you to focus on your learning.

5. Time-Management and Planning

Time management is a crucial skill to develop early on. As an online learner, you need to be disciplined with your time, so make sure that you plan ahead. Create a study calendar where you include important dates, such as assignment deadlines and exams. Make sure that you set aside sufficient study time each week to complete all your learning. Creating weekly to-do lists can be particularly helpful at allowing you to stay on top of your workload.

6. Connect with Your Virtual Classmates

Online learning doesn’t need to be a solitary experience. Instead, find ways to connect with your virtual classmates and introduce yourself. Participate in online discussions, forums and group activities. You may also want to create or join a virtual study group to motivate one another and share your learning, or even create a social network group.

7. Look after Yourself

It’s important to ensure that you look after yourself during your studies. Schedule breaks into your study time and physically move away from your study space. Go for a walk or even do a short exercise routine. Engaging in some gentle physical activity can help to renew your energy and focus. Equally important is to maintain healthy habits, such as getting plenty of sleep, eating healthily (and avoiding unhealthy snacks) and staying well hydrated.


Online learning has a range of benefits and has the potential to be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. However, it requires dedication, self-discipline and planning. Create a positive, welcoming study space and ensure you regularly back-up your work. Keep in touch with your tutor and virtual classmates by making the most of online forums and discussion groups. Finally, don’t forget to invest some time in self-care and keep yourself motivated by staying positive.

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