7 Best Productivity Apps for College Students

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7 Best Tools Productivity Apps for College Students, by Frank Hamilton

The multitude of academic assignments you juggle as a student can drive you crazy. But what if you look for tools that will make it easier to complete academic assignments and help you with your studies? Below you will find the top 7 tools that will streamline your academic performance and help with solving some of the everyday issues that many students face.

Top 7 Apps That Every Modern Student Needs

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1.   Grammarly

Not sure about your knowledge of English? Do you often make mistakes and get comments from the professor? It’s time to fix it with this free product. If you doubt the correctness of your essay and want to make sure that there are no mistakes, then this can be done in a few clicks.

Just insert your essay and you will see not only mistakes but also suggestions to fix them. It is a good tool for getting rid of grammatical and punctuation mistakes – regardless of the type of academic assignment. By the way, you can configure this product in such a way that it will work even when you create a document in Google Docs or chat with friends.

2.   Hemingway App

This is another free app that every student should know about. Writing an essay requires not only knowledge but also the ability to clearly express your thoughts. During the flow of thoughts, it is quite difficult to think about how clearly you express them and if this is your problem, then this editor can solve it.

Just copy and paste your text and the editor will show you the problem points. You will see where your sentences are too difficult to read, where there are old words, and so on. This way you can make your text clean and easy to read. Don’t’ doubt, professors value this no less than the meaning.

3.   Google Docs

Microsoft® Word is already losing favor as Google Docs becomes the preferred choice among most users. Google Docs is something familiar and similar to the usual Office product. But the advantage is that here you can work on documents collectively and all files will always be with you. You no longer need flash drives, which students so often forget. All files can be accessed not only from the desktop computer, but also from your smartphone.

If you are not using this tool yet, now is the time to start. Since the skill of working with this product will be useful to you in your future career. Now almost the whole world uses Google Docs to solve business issues.

4.   Canva

If you are tired of traditional tools for creating graphic or demonstration materials, then turn your attention to this app. Here you can find many useful features that will allow you to create unique graphics and even presentations.

There are many free functions here that should be sufficient for your student needs. There are also many templates and interesting possibilities for creating infographics. So if you are tired of the familiar PowerPoint, then do not pass by this creative tool.

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5.   ProofHub

Organization skills are a must-have for any modern person. Students need this skill like no other, and this app will help you keep everything you need close at hand. Have a ton of homework and already lost count? Do not understand which task to get started with?

To solve these issues, you need to organize your homework in the right way and this product will help you with that. Here, you can organize seamless work with all your academic assignments, prioritize, upload files and even track how much time it takes to solve a particular task. By the way, this tool integrates well with other products, such as Google Docs.

6.   NoPlugin

Do your professors still provide you with materials in formats like PDF, but you don’t have Adobe Flash preinstalled on your PC? This extension will allow you not to get mad about such formats anymore and avoid installing additional software. What’s more, this extension does not promise any performance problems.

This extension will convert all files that are not available to you instantly. Also, this extension can download files in a format that your PC will support. This is definitely a must-have extension for all students. The extension is available not only for Chrome but also for Opera and Firefox.

7.   Padlet

Do you like to make notes, create reminders, and write down creative ideas? This tool will help you record whatever you want and even share it with others. For instance, you can take notes during a lecture, record audio, add photos and videos, and then share your information with other students. You can even create spreadsheets here as well.

The app is available for both PCs and smartphones. The interface of this extension is intuitive and easy to use. By the way, here you can create shared projects and work on the file in real-time.

Wrapping Up

Don’t miss the opportunity to get a lot of value without investing your funds. So start using these apps now since they are good for developing creative thinking, writing skills, as well as the skill to manage your time and current projects.

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