5 Daily Habits of Successful Web Developers

5 Daily Habits of Successful Web Developers

5 Daily Habits of Successful Web Developers, by Frank Hamilton

Successful web developers aren’t born; they are created from their daily habits. Building the right habits are important because they ultimately form the kind of web developer you become.

So, being a programmer doesn’t end in training with a reputable learning platform, you must implement the right programming habits to help you keep improving daily.

The right programming habits will help you:

  • Write cleaner and better executable codes.
  • Save time in writing codes.
  • Write codes that transcend time.

This article covers five of the daily habits successful web developers adopt to improve daily.

1) Learn to plan & organize your codes

The first habit that must be present in the life of a web developer is planning and organization. This sounds straightforward, but you will be surprised by the number of programmers who rush into a coding project without proper planning.

Before you start any coding project, ensure you have already identified:

  • The coding structure you will be implementing
  • What the overall goals of your project are.
  • How you will structure your pages and folders.
  • Your naming style, etc.

Adopting proper planning and organization as a programmer will help create higher-quality codes.

In developing planning and organization habits, for every coding project you start, make sure you are:

  • Creating includes folders for any code that you plan on reusing through the course of your project.
  • Create an organized folder structure. So you should create a folder for all files and media.

2) Develop good project documentation practices.

Another important habit successful web developers build is good project documentation practices. It is essential to create reliable documentation for every coding project you work on. Some benefits of developing proper documentation habits include:

  • It would help in your project development and maintenance.
  • It will serve as a guide for when you go back to the project.

Creating robust documentation is a daily practice you need to adopt. Your documentation should include:

  • Useful instruction for anyone handling your code or for future reference.
  • Helpful notes for anyone working with your code or for future reference.

3) Make sure you are testing and debugging code as you build.

In the life of a web developer, another great habit to incorporate is debugging. The worse thing is to have a load of code already created, and then find out there is a bug in it. You will then have to go through the entire code to find the error. This is why you need to debug your code daily.

You also need to ensure that you turn your error reporting on while coding so you can see any mistake in your code.

Some tips web developers use to debug is to:

  • For every test, you perform on a block of code, make sure you test and debug it to ensure it is working the way you want it to work.
  • If you are working with a PHP file, ensure that you turn on the php.ini or user.ini file setting. You can find them in your root.

4) Keep on learning.

Technology, like the world, keeps on evolving, and so should you. There are a ton of new versions of software and other technologies coming out daily, so it will do you good to get in the habit of absorbing knowledge.

The habit of daily learning will help you:

  • Learn from other programmers’ past experiences (mistakes, successes, failures, disappointments, etc.)
  • Learn in small batches, thus absorb knowledge faster.

Similar to visiting writing services reviews websites like Best Writers Online, when you are looking to hire writers, there are a ton of platforms to acquire knowledge.

Some of them include Medium, Github, etc.

You can build a daily learning habit by:

  • Reading articles in your niche from blogs.
  • Developing small side projects to improve your skills.
  • Learning an online course.
  • Watching YouTube videos.
  • Reading books around your craft, etc.

Build a daily habit of doing any of these to improve your craft.

5) Learn to take breaks between coding.

It might be sufficient to code at long stretches when you first begin coding, but eventually, you will burn out.

Think of building a short block of time where you work, then taking little breaks to recharge.

Jay Janarthanan applied this habit to maximize his time and code when he was at his most effective. He wrote an article on how, after reading the four hour work week, he started taking breaks that made him a more successful programmer.

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In conclusion

There you have it, the five daily habits of successful web developers. Think of this article as a web developer help guide. We want you to be the best coder you can be, so building daily habits to that effect are paramount.

You might not be able to build all these habits at once, and that’s okay. As long as you are taking the necessary steps to create a few of them daily, you will see yourself becoming successful.

Work on building these habits and evolving with the times.

About the Author:

Author Frank Hamilton

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.


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